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About Software Localization

Software localization is best done at our agency. We have what it takes to work your software and make it fit in the global market. Learn more about software localization at our agency. Our professionals will take you step by step in the process of localization, what it entails and all the other tit bits you need to know about software localization.

Software Localization

software localization

Source: artonetranslations.com

During software localization, the basic steps to be followed are: analysis of the materials received  and evaluation of the tools resources required for localization; cultural technical and linguistic assessment; creation and maintenance of terminology glossaries; translation to the target language; adaptation of the user interface, including resizing of forms and dialogue as required; localization of graphics, scripts and other media containing visible texts, symbols; compilation and build of the localized files for testing; linguistic and functional quality assurance; project delivery; our professionals know about all this process and they will take you through it in order for you to understand about software localization.

Localization of Software

Our agency is well known globally for localization of software. We have done it for so many clients who keep on coming for other localization of software services. We provide the best in order to keep our customers satisfied. Once they are satisfied, they give us more business by coming back or bringing to us new clients. Our client base keeps on growing day in day out. This is attributed to the quality service provision offered by our professionals. Welcome to our agency to get a fill of the quality service we offer.

Localizing Software

Once we do localizing software for you, your client base will increase because your product will be able to sale internationally. Our services are the best to come for if you want to increase your client base and become an international service provider. We know requirements for different markets worldwide and we make sure to put that into consideration when we are doing the localizing software. We have never disappointed and we are not planning to start it with you. Welcome and get quality services from our agency.